Austin IT Group, LLC

Technology Support for Small Business

Austin IT Group was established in San Francisco, California in 2001. Our initial clients were apartment owners who needed to upgrade their communications facilities to support state-of-the-art video, voice and data services for their tenants. Our current focus is providing a full range of data and telecommunications products and services to small businesses. We provide you with courtesy in communication, quality in products and services, as well as fairness, honesty and integrity in pricing We now serve clients in California, Oregon, Washington and Texas.


Austin IT Group provides customer-centered, solutions-driven IT consulting. With over 20 years in communications in a variey of corporate environments, we have the experience to deliver you custom, high quality datacom and telecom solutions.


We also bring to the table a thorough working knowledge of networking infrastructure and expertise in the administration of multi-platform Windows and Macintosh-based systems and environments. We have solid expertise in project planning & execution and the research & development of hardware, software & process solutions to improve system availability and scalability.




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